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Shavano Park Women Continues Giving Back

The Share the Warmth donation drive is complete for 2022. We delivered truckloads of donations by the end of our drive. The drive was a huge success thanks to the generosity of everyone. This year donations were delivered to:

  • Love Covers Me

  • Jacqueline Smith Foundation

  • New Way Church

  • San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families

  • Broken Warriors Angels

  • Fishes and Loaves

  • Crosspoint


The following is only a partial list/description of the deliveries:

  • Share the Warmth delivered 22 bags of clothes and 20 backpacks to the Jacqueline Smith Foundation. She helps veterans, the under privileged and the homeless.

  • Love Covers Me - 10 bags of clothes and 15 backpacks

  • Broken Warrior Angels - 27 backpacks, 32 bags of clothing and living room furniture

  • San Antonio Coalitions of Veterans and Families - 15 backpacks

  • New Way Church - 3 truckloads filled with bags of clothes. Plus an artificial Christmas tree and decorations

The backpacks were filled with items for the homeless - blanket, snacks, toiletries and a Wal Mart gift card.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to make our 2022 Share the Warmth drive a success! A special thanks to our President, Lori Fanning, and her husband, Shawn, whose tireless efforts ensure the success of Share the Warmth!

Pictures from the donation drive may be viewed here

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Donations made to:

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  • Vietnam Army Grunt Museum

  • San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families

  • Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation

  • St. Francis of Assisi's Mobile Loaves & Fishes Ministry

Hosted Meet the Candidates for May 2021 Municipal Elections

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