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Tour of Vietnam Army Grunt Museum

June 9, 2022

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SPW and their spouses were given a tour of the Vietnam Army Grunt Museum located on the first floor of the Lynd building. Amy Boone, Corporate Event Planner, served as tour guide to our group of 35. The museum contains pictures and artifacts depicting a Grunt's story through the various stages of their tour from induction, to training, to getting ready to return home.

The museum honors United States Army Grunt soldiers who fought on the ground in Vietnam, giving visitors some sense of what soldiers, in combat, experienced and the challenging environment of Vietnam. It is the museum’s goal to use cultural and historical documents, interactive displays and selected artifacts to expose the visitor to the realities and perspectives of that long war.

There are more than a half-million Vietnam veterans estimated to live in Texas according to the Military Officers of America.

The tour was followed by lunch and a presentation by Tony Fuentes, Executive Director of the San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families (SACVF), on the Lynd building's 3rd floor executive level and terrace. As a Vietnam veteran, Tony shared his powerful story of the war and his issues with PTSD upon returning home. SACVF is a non-profit organization providing a one-on-one support program to ensure veterans needs are met quickly and easily. Their goal is to bridge the gap left by our government and some community programs.

From our generous members, we collected $600 in donations. This was split giving $300 to the museum and $300 to SACVF.

Our sincere thanks to Amy and Tony for the tour and presentation and to Mr. Lynd Sr. for generously providing lunch. We are fortunate to have this facility in our city.

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Vietnam Army Grunt Museum

San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families



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