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Arbor Day Celebration at City Hall

April 23, 2022

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Shavano Park Women had a busy Spring 2022! We participated in Shavano Park's Arbor Day Celebration by selling beautiful plants and making crafts with the kids.

As a fund raiser, we purchased variety of plants from a local herb farm and sold them for a small profit. The remaining herbs were sold at SPW’s Blood Drive the following Saturday and leftover plants were donated to the city to be planted on the grounds of City Hall. The craft area was extremely busy with eager kids making flowers and worms to go in their flowerpots. The kids also enjoyed making fancy masks, using either colors or markers; and some ingenious kids made fancy felt masks decorated with glitzy stick-on’s. Butterfly clothes pins with their ‘googly’ eyes were also very popular. A big thanks to City Secretary, Trish Nichols, for the craft area ideas and to our VP, Helenan Polansky, as well as, all the volunteers who helped make the event a success for the city.



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